Friday, June 14, 2013

Awkward 101

So,seeing as this is an awkward blog and I am an awkward person. I figured I should finally place a post about being awkward. So grab your pencil and paper and take great notes there is a lot in this class folks.

 To be awkward.. well, I have no idea what notes you should take. Being Awkward just comes naturally. You should know that I don't feel awkward a lot, its usually the people I am awkward (?) towards. Am I really that awkward?

And it starts now. Main Subject is:

          Oh where to even start?

A. There was this one time that I went on a date with this boy that I really kind of digged and it was great. He took me to the movies and came back to my house blah blah typical right? This was my chance to FINALLY kiss him seeing as the week before we went to the movies and after stood in the rain and talked for two hours..(Kiss a girl in the rain!!!!) Anyway as I digress. So back to FINALLY,I walk him out to his car and he hugs me I try to kiss him on the cheek. (subtle, right?) well I end up giving him the most weird kiss          
on the neck. Kissing on the neck is supposed to be sexy,right? Well,this kiss was far from sexy,it happened to land on the top of his neck under his jaw. Worst part, his response of "Thank You." I was so embarrassed. 

B. All those times that I have hit on guys in front of my friends and they feel awkward and by them I mean my friends and the guys. Sometimes it gets extreme and I hit on guys for my friends,cause lets face it some of them are kind of chicken. No offense I mean we are all a little bit chicken sometimes. It happens. Even to me on more serious matter. The reason why they get awkward is the things I say. My pick up lines. Coming in a blog post in your near future. Anyways, this happens on a regular basis and I love it! 

C. I say things a little too fast and too LOUD. When walking casually and I see a cute guy and turn to my friend to mention it I tend to forget that whole whispering thing and he ends up hearing and that either leads to two things. 1-He smiles and says thanks with a compliment in return. OR 2. He gets a strange look and walks away as fast as he can. But hey, that is just how I roll. :)


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