Thursday, July 25, 2013

Josh anyone?

Lets talk about Josh. Josh who? Josh Groban. When I first heard him I fell in love. The sound of his voice amazed me. I may not like all of his songs,but the ones I do like you have to agree they are Amazing. 

Don't Give Up-- You are Loved 
This song not only mixes beautiful melodies with beautiful harmonies it provides one of the worlds most powerful messages. Don't give up on anything because you are loved. And that should mean something great. 

Now Or Never 
How can such a sad song sound so inticing. This song is Amazing! Within the lyrics there is a sense of love and relationships. The Lyrics create a wonderful scenario. Its now or never to do pretty much anything "you and me" can easily be anyone or anything. 

You Raise Me Up 
I think we can all relate that this song is brilliant.It has such a peace to it that is indescribable  This song is such a tribute to those that you love and those that love you. I am sure as you're listening to this song you are thinking of someone or some few that help you through anything and are your greatest support system. I know I am. 

Hope Josh could inspire you today! 


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