Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Up in the Morning and off to school

Is it really that time again??? :) :( :) :( :) <<---------------------- How I feel about the first day of school. 

Nonetheless here are a few things I can look forward to.

1- New Backpack!!!

2- Cute calendar Book!!!
calendar pages found at the nest effect.  These are the specific pages I used,but there are a ton.  The class overview I made based off of this. I just made it black and white and took out the bottom. 
I also added my own sticky homework list 

3- Books!! Not sure about how I feel about them yet. Thank you to used books and friends that will sell them to you for cheap. 

4-Having a purpose for the day bright and early. Soon to regret that later. 

5-New people to meet and reuniting with friends and classmates. I think I talked to like 7 different friends while  getting out of my first class,walking up the stairs,then out the door. 

6- Being able to find parking because it will be 7 am. :) WHOO!! GOOD PARKING! 


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