Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One of the Few That Matter

Have you ever realized that in a life time of aging roughly til 80 there are only a few birthday's that really matter? 1,10,16,18,21,30,40,and 50 then you are getting old and wish that you could go back to those teenage birthday. Not that I would know from experience, but you catch my drift,right? Anyway point being that, YOLO (just kidding). Point is that there are a few birthday's that matter and those that do,make them count. 

I did just that this 21st birthday was great.

Started out with celebrating early

My dad took me to San Sauce-- so yummy. Not as good as the red maple,but comparable. 

I am one lucky girl that my dad actually enjoys going shopping with me. It's kind of strange,in a good way though. We went to Ulta Beauty,and I immediately got lost. I knew for a long time that I wanted this curling iron and he got it for me. I also can't wait to take the few extra dollars that I have saved to go buy some fall makeup,but more on that later. 

It rained and I thought this as a prime opportunity to finally get those new tennis shoes,becuase the ones I have started to get holey. 

Just think the rain on the window looks awesome! 
Decided on the shoes on the far left. 

So on Monday,the actual birthday I went to school,which was pretty good. 

Then to the best lunch with my aunt. 

BBQ Chicken Salad and Garden Chowder 

Surprises at work from that same aunt.

Mint Truffles! Best Chocolate ever.

The downside of having your birthday on a school day.

Math Homework :(

Made up for at the OG (Olive Garden) with family and cute plates. 

And some shopping money,scents for the car and house,and perfume. Look at the darn cute stationary :). Yes, that is a book of graduation pictures from 2011. Happy to see how great those turned out. 

21st Birthday- AWESOME! 


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