Thursday, November 28, 2013

Have an attitude of Gratitude

have an attitude of gratitude
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On face book there is the "Day_ I am greatful for______" I wanted to participate,but didn't want to post everyday so I decided to take my list here. 


1- Being able to see my best friend more often. There is something so great about spending time with him.
2- My Aunt Christie and my mom who are always there for me no matter what. Whether I am in dire need of help, or we are just playing card games.
3-Time Change. One more hour of sleep.
4- Friendly members of the neighborhood to get the heater running.
5- Being able to understand my math homework.
6- Relaxing nights.
7-   a. Children. I have the opportunity to visit the best kids once a week and its oh so rewarding. Oh and                I can't forget to mention hilarious.
             a."Epic is where we buy beer." - The mouth of a five year old.
            b.Good advice! That is so good it brings you to tears,yet those tears cleanse you.
8-Breakfast at my dads. I am grateful for the relationship I have with him.
9- My aunt that always looks out for the best in me even if it is because she hates the lipstick I am wearing.
10- A friend that will waste his own time helping me figure out homework. Thank you!
11- The Veterans. I have loved anything Army for a while now and am so grateful for those that have served and are serving.
12- For a mom that taught me how to cook.
13- Sleep. Even if I slept at school in between classes (awkward).
14- A Dad who will take me out and spoil me.
15- Getting closer to my cousin.
16- Number 7 applies again. I love having babysitting nights.
17-Lexi and her willingness to always help me do house work.
18- Getting an A on my Litigation test.
19- Tuesdays are the worst so I am always thankful for treat night with Mamma.
20- Thankful that I got one of my big final projects out of the way.
21- The Theatre. Whether it be professional or high school. I love the influence it takes on my life.
23-Study Groups!
24-Lazy Sundays.
25- My Aunt Gina,she never fails to make me laugh.
26- An extra day to study for a really hard math test. I will take it.
27- The community action program and their volunteers. 
28- Being able to cook and visit lots of family. (Typical Answer,but all too true.)
Attitude of Gratitude 2013 - Day 4
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What are you grateful for?


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