Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When inspired--- DO!

While reading one of my favorite blogs this evening I came across More Love Letters by Caroline G. over at Chasing Big Dreams. If you have never read her blog I highly recommend that you do you will be inspired as I am. 

Anyway onto the post.. 

Caroline mentions the world needs more love letters. Here is where you can see what this is all about in more detail. This is about real life interactions beyond social media. (Don't get me wrong I still love my media.) Seriously,Check out this and do. "All you need is Love" Right? 

Caroline invited her readers to join in writing so that is what I am gonna do :)

Bundle Recipient:  Emma


Emma’s mother wrote us this request and now we are passing it along to you amazing people! She writes: “Emma is traveling through the teenage years and is finding herself struggling with the usual suspects of acceptance, body image, relationships, parents, siblings, and school success. After an amazing first year of high school, Emma is finding herself floundering and her usual coping mechanisms are not working, so she has engaged in some less positive coping mechanisms. Emma is a dedicated competitive swimmer and an awesome volunteer swim coach to young swimmers. Emma loves music. She is a writer with two NaNoWriMo novels under her young belt. She needs to know how important she is to her family, her friends, and her swimmers. She needs to know these trials of the teenage years are not permanent and she will make it through. She needs love.” Pick up your favorite stationary and script out a letter for Emma!


Please send all love letters to:
(We ask that all love letters be in the mailbox by December 20th!) 

Emma's bundle
c/o Laura A. 
2217 Dufferin Road
Regina, SK S4S 5B5


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