Friday, January 3, 2014

High 5 For A Good Week!!

What a lovely,relaxing week. It was so hard to narrow down 5 things.

1- Work out Time. Setting time each evening to workout will be the best of me this year. Hello Zumba DVD's and Pinterest :) Getting in shape!

2- Not one,but two days off for the New Years. Yes,the days were spent with a lot of Netflix and Pj time.

3- Reconnecting with a old childhood friend through blogs. If you want some good ol' love story journeying (Is that a word? It is now) check out Bekah's Blog

4- Homemade shepherds pie. Yum!
Not like my Grandma Hillis',but it was sure great.

5- Spending lots of time with this lil man :) 
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  1. Thanks for recommending my blog Amber!! I love yours its been so fun getting to know each other again :D

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