Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Watch It

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Ain't that the truth. Have you ever noticed that when you do think somethings they end up coming out like word vomit you can't control? Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you say things that you're going to do or not going to do,you do them? Have you ever realized that activities are addicting and become a natural thing you always do? Well,I have. Sometimes thoughts are great enough to let slip or sometimes you end up saying the most wrong thing. If watching shows on Netflix causes you to stay up til 2 am.  on a Saturday night to finish a season of a show you just can't get enough of ( The Vampire Diaries) you will do the same thing the next Saturday til you finally finish the show. So,in reality these things are not all that terrible,however somethings can be. I think its important to note that the things you say and do will define your life. I encourage you all to watch what you say and do. Think to yourself,is this really necessary? It's okay to say yes,on occasion.


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