Friday, February 14, 2014

That time that I celebrated Christmas in February and.... 4 other great things. High 5 for Friday

The title may seem a little strange to you, I promise I am not crazy (well,not a promise) I have a rewarding and great reason.

1- My grandpa finally got out of the hospital so Christmas came late this year. Better late than never! 

Seriously the best food!! And my grandma surprised us with sopapillas. #Yum
Is your mouth watering now? It should be :)
2- I am officially in love with my barbie pink party nails. 
Are you in love too? 
3- I took a test yesterday morning and walked out thinking 'That was really easy or I failed it miserably." Well,it was really easy. Oh yeah,you bet I did fantastic on it! Thanks Mom for learning math with me. 

4- My dad, I know I say this a lot but he spoils me and I love Thursday dinners with him. (Even if he forgets 
that I am not eating as much sweets and shoves two cookies into my bag.) 

5- This week I survived 3 tests and I am so excited to bring on the stress free weekend. You bet your bottom dollar spa night is coming! 

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