Friday, June 6, 2014

TGIF!! High 5 For Friday

Sitting here on a Thursday thinking wait tomorrow is Friday??? This week crept up on me super quick and as I look back there are a few things to High 5 to.

1- I chopped my hair and it only took me all week to finally get used to it. 

2- I hardly get to see my Best Friend and seeing him twice this week was a definite plus. 

3- My workout buddy is BACK!!! 
Picture credit do to a great workout and some nice sweat for makeup :)  

4- The day I have been waiting for is here!! Orange is The New Black Season 2 premiers today and I am so happy if you haven't watched it, do. (season 2 Trailer if you have not seen it)
Source Unknown. 

5-  Happy one year blog!! I can't wit to improve you more. 

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