Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Get Truly Connected

While spending countless hours of my evening scrolling through social media. Leah of EatPrayWearLove posted a really nice tweet about being connected that got me thinking. 

After a quick chat with Leah (on twitter, go figure) the last word should be connecting.
Make more sense now? I hope so :) 

The amount of time that we as humans spend connected to our devices is quite a lot. I am the first to admit that I am guilty as charged for this. I started to realize that liking someones status is not enough to truly connect and bond with someone. It's all about proper communication. 

Here are 4 ways that you can really be connected with loved ones.

1. Put the phone away.
                        I know that when I am with friends or family I always feel the need to keep my phone in hand to text someone back right away. I am going to stop doing this because those texts can wait it's more important to be active with those you are with.

2. Grab the phone and call someone rather than a text. 
                         Sometimes people need a happy smile and laugh to enjoy rather than an "lol" or ":)" It's always real conversation with someone that helps you connect on a personal level.

3. Visit your friends and family or invite them to join along with you and your activities. 
             I think this one is a little self explanatory, make some fun memories out side of the internet.

4. Send snail mail. 
             Out of all these ideas, this one has to be my favorite. I know the incredible feeling of heading out to your mailbox and finding some lovely words on a fancy paper and I like to share this feelings with friends.

I challenge and encourage you to get truly connected with those you care about. It's okay to be social on social media,but not every second. 

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  1. Fun post! You should get on Bloglovin' it's the easiest way for me to keep up on reading blogs!