Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Taking Stock

Brief back story. This post has been going around after Pip created it then Emily and Emily ( two different ladies check out their lists to gain more about the senses.) Now,let's get to what I am taking stock of. 

Making : Way too many sharpie crafts, the only bonus is that they make nice gifts to give. 
Cooking : Lot's of Mexican food. Fajitas, burritos, and Spanish rice. 
Drinking : Peach Juice with and without the little kick ;)
Reading: Social Media and Blogs
Wanting: More time in the day.
Looking: For ways to perfect eyeliner
Playing: Throw Back Tones from my younger days. 
Wasting: Time on Social media. 
Sewing: I can't sew
Wishing: That I could go back in time to explore. 
Enjoying:The rainy weather outside. 
Waiting:For tomorrow because I have a nice day off to play at Lagoon.
Liking:That Dance Moms is back tonight.
Wondering:If I get accepted into school this semester.
Loving: All the positive messages on my Instagram feed lately. 
Hoping: For the rain to stop by tomorrow. One day is enough Mother Nature.
Marveling: I have no idea.
Needing: Motivation. 
Smelling: Said Rain that I have talked about three times now.
Wearing:Clothes :P and I have been wearing earrings all the time again now. 
Noticing:The lovely summer flowers that keep popping up.
Thinking:About life and the beauty of those that are in my life. 
Bookmarking: Can I just say pinning a lot on pinterest?
Opening: Snapchats
Giggling: At said Snapchats.
Feeling: Happy :) 

Feel free to take your own stock, I would love to read what your senses have been sensing.


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