Friday, June 28, 2013

High Five For Friday

1- Lets just say my sleep schedule is really off because I got addicted to a show I watched at my friends house. Hart of Dixie. Seriously,if you have never watched it, watch it. How can you say no to southern accents and hot men  hot COWBOYS? Not to mention a pretty legit story line of how a doctor moves to Alabama and strives to fit in as she is born to stand out.

2- Well, I love birds so I was feeling adventurous and took pictures of the birds at Pet Smart. 

3- Embraced my new found love of lipstick. It all started when I opened my makeup bag and saw so many that I owned. I think my favorites are Blush from Maybeline color stay. Its kind of bright yet very subtle and neutral  So it can match pretty much anything,that is a bonus in my book. 

4- Everything is better in pink!! Especially toenails! My mamma gives the best pedicures. And this time I got a little funky,but just a little. I kinda love it. 

5- Nothing beats cheap Chinese after you have been craving it forever. Thanks again Pops!

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  1. You're right, nothing like cheap Chinese! Sometimes the Panda by my house will throw in extra food around closing time to get rid of it! It's like Christmas!

  2. New thing to add to the list: Go to panda close to closing! :) That is an excellent idea. :)