Monday, July 1, 2013

Well, I wasn't awkward this weekend so take a laugh.

With my lack of awkward and embarrassing  stories this day, I will provide you with some funny memes that may or may not be awkward to you,but hey you might get a chuckle.
Nasty... Or when you see someone chewing on your pen and you try to find a less awkward way of saying "Now that you have contaminated my pen and I am lacking disinfectant today so, keep it." However if you are lacking a pen, chew on another's pen  and it is a guarantee that they will let you keep it.
Going to the dentist tomorrow and thinking 'this would be kind of awesome,and really awkward for my dentist. My friends dubbed me Queen of Awkward. Then I think I like my dentist,so I better not.'
Can you relate? The awkward part sometimes is it looks like you are talking to a wall. Happens to me on a regular basis.
How AWKWARD would texting be if this is how you saw " ;) :) :P ;P XD :)))) :(((( ;((((("?


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