Friday, June 21, 2013

Its Friday!! High Five for Friday

This week,oh this week. It was more eventful than most. Usually I have a top three favs of the week,however this week I have about 15. Was finding 5 hard? Yes!!

1-That one day on new years where I decided that I was going to really get into working out soon came to be that one day in June where I FINALLY did just that. Went and swam laps! Only a few,but hey its a start!!!
2-That awkward moment when you act like a crazy person on the baby isle of Smiths for nothing. Boo.
My best friend decided that we should go on an adventure. We went to Smiths,I knew something was up the minute we passed by the rolls and she didn't grab any. (That's seriously the only reason we attend Smiths on a regular basis.) Anyway,she takes me to the baby isle. Oh no! What is up. Pretty much she played a trick on me telling me she was pregnant. That little witch :). 

3- Gummy Bear fun. Lets just say that we became surgeons and added a hint of new flavor to each one. Well,my friend did. Also,found out that the green gummy bear is strawberry. Strange,right?

4-  Sparkling Ice! Oh my goodness when you wanna stop drinking Soda. This is a darn good replacement! Its so tasty, 0 calories, 0 Sugar,all natural, and (the best part) Cheap. It gives you that burst of freshness that juice gives with some bubbles. Yum! 

5- Those cute girls decided to bring me dinner. And then we Dollar Tree'd it and got minute maid lemon ice and oh my good fire,so Yummy. Girls night, where all you can do is laugh,talk about boys,and indulge in the dirty mind. Night Complete. 

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