Monday, June 24, 2013

What is more awkward than________?

While scrolling down Twitter,I came across a tweet that related so perfect to my life that it was worth beyond more than just a "Favorite" Or a "Retweet." It deserves a medal. A BIG shiny gold one at that. 

The tweet via 
Yep,that is my life. That is what happens. Mainly I don't stutter so I can not claim that,however whether you want awkward or not you will get it. Thus the question What is more awkward than Amber's Pickup lines? Yes,they are mine. Yes,I made them up for the most part. 

Lets start off with the basics for a random occasion at the grocery store,library,or maybe even the park. 

"Hey,you're cute!"
"Hey,I like your face."
"Heyyyy ;)" (sometimes I like to use the whole guy head flick deal with an added wink.)

Now you take "Hey I like your shirt,but I kinda like your face better" And you turn that Heyyy,You're a babe." And so on and so on. Those are the regulars. 


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