Monday, July 22, 2013

Amber Upside Down

I don't always watch shows directed towards preteens,but when I do I watch pretty good ones. Once upon a Tuesday night I was hanging out with my favorite ten year old and we came across Alice Upside Down on Netfilx. Pretty good show,just an fyi. Anyway it is quite hilarious, interesting,and a little awkward when you can relate to an 11 year old girl.

As I was watching this show I remembered those countless times that I have embarrassed myself.
It started in Kindergarton when I forgot that I had to take off my flower mask during a song of graduation. It didn't stop there..
Backround information: 
In the movie Alice gets to perform a little dance number in the school play and she falls and ruins the stage. 
 That reminded me of the time that I fell down the stairs while having the final dress rehearsal for one of my school plays. Talk about embarrassing. Luckily it was not during an actual performance. That happened more times than once throughout the many shows I participated in.

Now after grade school  I told myself I was done with this embarrassment falling thing while at school. 


Even now at the college I have fallen in the same spot at least three times. Its embarassing as I hit the cement,stuff goes flying and I try to hold back tears and bring up a smile.

Why can't embarring moments be like they are in the movies? Glamourous and hilarious. Instead they are hidious and awful.


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