Thursday, July 18, 2013

TV Show Rundown

As Summer has been here I have been able to catch up on old favorite shows and find new favorite shows. Netflix before bed has been a summer tradition most nights. 
So Relatable
I thought I would give a rundown of my favorite shows. Not in any particular order.
Seriously, Who doesn't love hot men hunting demons and ghosts. Its a thrill its an adventure! Its a lifestyle. Especially when TBS plays 3 episodes a day and you spend three hours of your evening watching them and even when you have watched them all,you still record them just in case you want to watch more while frantically checking Netflix for the next season! ADDICTED! 


Off the air or not I still love this show. When you have all 9 seasons on DVD and you can't wait to watch the tenth season you know its addicting. Seriously how I spent all the evenings of my life through highschool and I love watching old episodes.  Superman has one exciting life and is one exciting man. By the way,if you know how to watch the tenth season somewhere let me know. I was super bummed when it wasn't on Netflix.
"Don't Stop Believing." I will always be a fan of this show about highschool outcasts who find joy in friendship and love. No, I am not afraid to admit that I have almost every song from the Glee Cast ( some where just blah!). Nonetheless I still love it and am re watching old episodes this summer. 

Dance Moms

"Save the drama for ya mamma " Or in this case your mamma has more drama than anyone else in this world. Well not quite,but close. With a lot of fights and a lot of dancing this show pretty much makes Tuesday worth living for. ( I over exaggerate sometimes. What"re ya gonna do?) The girls are all so adorable and they dance fabulous. It's definitely worth a watch the ALDC (Abby Lee Dance Company) is unstoppable. 

Hart of Dixie

When you go to your friends house and watch thirty miniutes of a show and want to watch more because it is so good. That was my experience with this show. Remember This Post  when I recapped this show briefly because I love it. I finally finished the first season and am super devistated that I have to wait til the next season it had such a cliff hanger ending. It sounds like a dumb show,but its so freaking good! 

The Mindy Project
Oh Mindy,I am not sure if it is your show or just you,but I think you are pretty awesome. This show is hilarious. A lot of what is said or done remindes me of me I think that is why I love it. (side note, I totally reserved her book from the library.) Its a perfect show with the perfect amount of humor. Check it out. 
New girl
Insert what I said about Mindy here. Then add a bing and a boom and a really dumb joke. Yep,that is how new girl is with Jesse and the gang. Great show and I must metion  Zooey Deschanel is fantastic. 
Despite the fact that it was cancelled after Season 2 it was a great show. I loved it and as like Glee I have all the songs. It happens. Started off with just a Broadway show about Marilyn Monroe and ended with that and HitList a hip show about becoming a star. Not to mention some of my favorite artists were on the show and produced music for it. Another great show for a late night. 

If you like these shows check out Those darn good TV shows and movies for awesome things about them :)


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