Friday, July 12, 2013

Finally Friday! High Five!

"It's finally Friday,I'm free again. I got my motor running for a wild weekend. It's finally Friday I'm out of control. Forget the working blues and let the good times roll." Finally Friday by George Jones.

1- Once again I decided to start my week off with hardly any sleep. ( Surprising,right?) Love those late night summer drives with a cute boy and good conversation. Summer! 
Source Unknown. Comment if you know. 

2- Hooray New Shoes!!! R.I.P. favorite sandals. This is actually kind of sad. Walking through the grocery store just when your sandal breaks is a pain. The plus side is it gives you a GREAT excuse to buy new shoes while you run errands. And for Smiths I think they are pretty cute and a very decent price. 

3- $1.99 Kids Meals!!!! What? :) After 4 pm! Oh Wendy's you have yet again completed me. Not only do I love your waffle cones,but now this!! And with this girl makes it all the better.
Ugh! The picture that I took got deleted by accident. Taken by
he is seriously so fun to be with. (If you are in to mushy love stuff read her blog. It's adoreable. Just do it.?.)
4- "This nose is on fire!" "Looking like a green monster." Its awesome! I love it. DIY Spa Night. Even though we became brown nosers with our cinimon black head mask (which was actually pretty great,despite the fact that it burned and left the nose red for a long time.). My face still feels AMAZING!
Looking fantastic! ;)
5-Shivers with pops! Have not been there since I was little and I sure did love the food and the scenery. "What do you mean I am too big to ride in the train?"

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