Friday, July 5, 2013

Insert terrible song lyrics here. (H54F)

It's Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday. Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend. Rebecca Black Friday. <-------------- Terrible song lyrics. (If you actually like this song look to the glee version,its much better.) 


Top 5 for this week

1-Its Monday? Sure I will go out on an adventure! Its 10:00 pm. and I do have work tomorrow. Lets go!

 "Its 11:30,do you wanna go home and sleep?" 
No,keep going."
"Now that we have driven for an hour wanna go back to the park?"
"Yes,lets do."
 "Its 12:00, and the boy can finally hang out."
"Sweet! Lets try and find the house." 
"Its 12:40, I better get home to rest."
Famous quotes from a late night adventure with the best friend. After waiting,waiting,going to the park, driving for an hour,haunted railroad tracks,the park again,waiting some more,hanging out with the boy finally,and then finally getting home. This made a great start to my week. 
The only picture that turned out well. Dark. Low  battery on phone makes for a bad picture.
Model: Brittany Steffensen.

2- The Dentist! "Yes,Dr. Glasset, I know I need my wisdom teeth out." 
When it comes to the dentist I don't mind it,its just a pain in my schedule. I love that clean feeling,and the mini teeth survival kit. Nothing beats a new toothbrush and mini toothpaste,floss,and mouthwash. Seriously! 

3- Wednesday being Friday? Bring on 4 day weekend. Summer perk!! 

4-  The day off from work where all I did was watch TV and sleep. Happy Birthday America! My nails support you! My mom and I have opposites I love it.
Mine are on the bottom

5- Depicable Me 2!!! Such a good movie!!! Hilarious to say the least.

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