Friday, August 9, 2013

I Would Work For A

Come on, what wouldn't I work for? However at the moment I would work for: 

A time machine 

Whether it takes me to the past or the future, I am in the need of some sort of adventure.

Okay,Lets get serious.

A ticket to a Broadway Show

I guess this one doesn't typically count because I am already working for this as I educate my self in order to afford this ticket. But hey, I would love it right this second. 
Where I found it (pinterest)

 A Vacation 

Okay,sure I went camping last weekend,but that was not clearly enough. Its a-okay though. Pretty sure this sums half of my vacation goals up. 

A Doctor Pepper

This no soda thing might just kill me. Sometimes I like to be dramatic. 

New seasons in two ways

1- The new seasons of Drop Dead Diva and Hart of Dixie need to be netflix.

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