Friday, August 9, 2013


Here we are with a last little bit left of summer vacation. Making the most of it. 

Top 5 for the week are......drum roll please? Anyone? Okay,never mind. 

1. Breakfast for dinner with my daddy and cheese fries. 

Pretend there is a picture here.
I forgot about pictures until after it was in my belly ;)

2. Dance Moms! Need I say more. First Tuesday that I didn't have to DVR it. 
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3. So yeah,its almost official that I will have my associates by the end of this year. Not a big deal at all ;). OKAY SO IT IS A BIG DEAL AND I AM ECSTATIC!!

4. Girls Night! Loved it. Were going to visit someone,fell through. Went to Super Target then Jammed out hardcore then went to Walmart. It's a girl thing. College student retail therapy ;)

Britney,Sara,and Tracee at the headphones. 
Those headphones were great! 

If  it won't play there go here ;)

We sound lovely don't we? Maybe :) 

5. Babysitting night tonight!!  Love it!

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