Monday, August 26, 2013

The New/Old Journey

Once upon a time I was working so hard at getting in shape and losing weight, then I lost about 70 pounds and gave up. Why? I dunno to be completely honest. Maybe the lack of time,busy schedule,etc..etc.. However I realize now that is no excuse. Lets do it again! 

Once upon another time I made this cute book in January 2013. Its August 2013,and well I haven't used it yet. The cover and workouts inside are Pinterest workouts.  I heard they were a butt kicker (literally.) I am excited to try them out FINALLY! I also am thinking about detox and (dieting?). More like limit the things that I can and can't eat. I am getting new ideas here and here

There is a tab for different parts of the body,tips,and foods. 

I figure that a part of my motivation would be to document to you as you become a fan into my life and this journey I am about to take. The other day I decided to tweet this as the beginning of picking up a new old journey. 

Goal one is to fit back into these pants COMFORTABLY. Despite the simplicity, they are all too appropriate for fall. It will be easy,just two sizes.

Wish me luck! 

Also, I knew there was a reason that I wrote this post two weeks ago and didn't post it was because I was very unsure about an online fitness for life class and well, to put it simply- I AM ALL IN! I am hoping that a workout class will help me find further motivation to work out on my own. 



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