Tuesday, August 27, 2013

That "awkward" moment when you can't decide what Q to do....

So you post both!!! 

Surrender. Let Go. Have Faith.
But keep in mind that: 
...so, just focus on the ones who do.
The thing that I really liked about both of these quotes is how realistic they are and how both of them relate to self worth and self happiness. If we learn to accept the outcomes of what things are, let go of the things that weigh us down (think skinny thoughts), and have faith in what the future brings. In doing these things we can strive for happiness. Not everyone is going to like you and what you do,but those that do are the ones to keep around. (Yes,that means you need to like yourself too.)


  1. really great quotes! and I am a quote connoisseur so.. haha
    THanks so much also for visiting and commenting today!


  2. Thanks Emily! Anytime,gotta share some blog loving every(day)now and then.