Thursday, August 29, 2013

They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway!

I love musicals!
Musical quotes

Ever since I was a young girl in Elementary School I have loved Broadway musicals. So  decided that I would give you a run down of my favorite shows. Kay,so maybe I should narrow it down to 10 seeing as well there a ton. (Tried looking for a real number,but only found a basic overview article

So... onto the top 5 that I am loving as of late. Don't wanna bore you with a too lengthy post. Or do I? 

1- Next to Normal

Oh Next to Normal when I first heard the song "Maybe"  I fell in love.  This is a blissful yet intense musical that blows me away no matter what. I LOVE this. This shows how great it is. I seriously cannot even paraphrase it. Watch this, and this (my favorite part,well one of them.)
2-Legally Blonde 

This show. That girl. One me. Yep,this show found a special place in my heart through high school and still holds one now. Like seriously,(see what I did there.) This show provides me with inspiration and excitement  Bonus it sums up my life in one way or another. Looking for an Emmit while being a little naive and wanting to make my way through law school. Not to mention that I need to be "Whipped Into Shape". And on a side note I think that "So Much Better" is one of those recovery songs when you are off to bigger and better things. **Bonus,if you are interested you can watch it online. What? A while ago in 2007 legally blonde aired on MTV as a live recording sing along. (Part 1 starts here)   


There certainly is "No day,but Today." I got into this musical in 7th grade when my Drama Teacher decided that it would be awesome to do a lovely (?) rendition of "Over the Moon". I thought what the pathetic song? Then I made my dad take me to the movie one late Saturday night and I loved it. Story about love, life and disease. But more love and living for today. Plus really attractive men with great singing voices. Bonus! 


No one mourns the wicked. Oh this show, though I have never seen it and expierenced it live I love it. And I will see it live someday, I will, I will.  Wicked has been a favorite for the longest time and I just love what it has to offer. Friendship,power,humor,and love. The love of two friends finding their ways. 
5-Spring Awakening

Cation its a little scandalous. Spring awakening is exactly what it says it is. My favorite part of this show are the songs. My top favorites being:

Another cool feature is I found this website that has links to broadway shows on Youtube!


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