Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rainy Day Music In Very LITTLE Relation

It  has been raining like crazy!! I am sure you can relate to those moments when the rain just makes you want to get cozy with a hot drink,some slippers,a blanket,and a good variety of movies/music/Books. That is how I am. Here is a snippet of my rainy day music that I listen to without fail every time it rains. (Who am I kidding? I listen to these songs even when it's not raining.) 

Let us start things right with a little country and listen to some

                                Luke Bryan- Rain is a good thing.

And the list goes on for just a little bit longer. 

John Mayer-Why Georgia 

Steven Speaks-Out of my Leauge 

Mat Wertz- 5:19 (Not how I envisioned the video,but the song is great non the less.)

Tracy Chapman- Sing To You 

Alanis Morissette-Perfect 

Maroon 5- Sunday Morning (yes I did pick this song cause "rain is falling" is in the first line.)

There are a lot more that I love,but this is a sample of the genre's that are perfect for the rainy days.


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