Monday, September 30, 2013


That one motto to live by: 

That being said,the AWESOME things as of late are (not in any particular order) : 

~ 21. I feel like this is the 5th birthday in life that has an  AWESOME  intent to it. especially because there is basically a 7/21 ratio to how important birthdays are. 

~ Getting your hair dyed for the first time.

~ Breaking out your jeans (Yes,I was getting sick of shaving my legs)

~ Chilly cloudy afternoons. 

~ Pants falling down a little. Remember  This Post just wanted to inform ya that I am making progress. 

~ Chai Tea is awesome. It all started because Hot Coco is really not all that healty. Healthy Alternatives=Awesome.
The sexy M&M

~ Finally got to see the best friend after such a long time. 
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~ Fall is here to stay. Finally!!
~ Mama's truck got fixed. Hello safe winter driving.  
~Drop Dead Diva season 5 comes back on in 5 days! Can't wait. 

What are some of your Awesome things to love? 


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