Friday, October 18, 2013

What A Week! H54F!!!

What a week(!) awesome vs. What a week (...). That being noted,please note that this whole week was pretty darn great! Top 5 as follows.

1- We all know how in love I am with Hart of Dixie,well I am finally caught up. It only took 4 hours on a Monday to unwind to finish season to. High 5 for relaxing.

And I am hooked! 

2- What's that? A B? On MY math test! So happy!!! 

3-  New Pencils! I told myself if I got a B or higher I needed new pencils for motivation of course ;).

Doesn't that math look hard?

4- Fall Treats!! Millie's pumpkin cheesecake shake! 

5-  Fall break calls for sleeping in on a Friday! :) 

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