Thursday, November 7, 2013

Letter To Me

Have you ever sat and thought about somethings that you probably should have and should have not done in your life? Well,I have and you know whether good or bad it's all okay in the end.

Brad Paisley has inspired me today. 


 Dear Amber,
                     Relax,you know you really shouldn't stress so much it will make you shine out some gray hair by 21. Never underestimate your first choice, in the long run it will be right. You really should try and be normal and less weird.  Embrace your inner weirdo and do what you love and love what you do. Really stick to your guns when it comes to the relationships with other people,you'll be glad you did. You really should  take Math 1010 and 1050 in High School it would probably be a lot easier just an fyi. Always remember who loves you the most and who want you to succeed the best. Most importantly,you must remember that you have a long time to build your life,don't rush it and don't take too much time. 



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