Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Painful or Not So Painful Things

While browsing the internet I came across this 27 Painfully Awkward things  and decided to make my own list. There is definitely not 27,mainly because I relate to the list provided.

Awkward Things List

- The bathroom door does lock. When a man at the office tells you that you should always remember to lock the bathroom door because he goes in it. The even more awkward part is locking it then forgetting so you push the door,it doesn't open,unlock the door and walk out  trip out.

- Having your boss catch you jamming out in your car as you pull up into the parking lot. Awkward! In my defense it was Reba and I was in a power mode.

- Falling on your way to class. Hope not too many people saw me biff it to the ground. AGAIN! ( See what I did with the title.)

- When you randomly look up and make eye contact with someone. That happend today and I must admit it felt a little strange.

-When a stranger tells you personal details about their divorce and you just shake your head up and down because you have no idea what to say.

-Sleeping on the couch sitting up at school. Oops,I really was trying to be productive and in my defense it was 7:30 am. 

I think that sums up this week. 


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