Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Love It & It Will Love You

Today, while I putting in my volunteer hours also known as having fun with 5th Graders. The question for today was , "If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?" I was shocked that so many of these 11 year old students would not change anything about their lives. Life is so perfect at a young age. I started to feel a tad bit envious,well because as an adult life is no longer full of perfect bliss all the time and there is more worry than getting a in a fight with your friend over a pencil. (Bad example? Maybe,but you catch my drift right?) Anyway,while I was waiting my turn to answer this question I couldn't think of anything that I would change in my life either. Is my life as perfect as the lives of these bratty 5th graders? Far from it. My life is as perfect for me as it can get and I am okay with that.

Lilly Pulitzer iPhone wallpaper
I found this quote on Pinterest ( I love Lily Pulitzer prints hint hint) and it suits everything I have been thinking today and need to think everyday. Love your life and it will love you right back. 


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