Friday, January 24, 2014

TGIF! Again!

For being such a long week there was quite a few highlights. (Enough for 5 at least).

1- I had the best dinner celebration with family for my mom's birthday.
Restaurant with bad lighting

If you ever find yourself at this restruant get a California Burrito. No Harm, it is AMAZING

2- It was a good mail day. I love that feeling of sending something to someone and them writing me back.
Source found via Google Images
3- I finally met my friends baby. Isabelle,you were so worth the wait.

Pretend there is a picture of the most beautiful doll you will ever see. 
I was too excited and forgot the blog photo (whoops)

4- I started my volounteer work for my class in a 5th grade classroom that my little mini me is in and I am so
excited for it.

5- I tried Smash Burger with my dad. It did not disappoint. 

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