Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Currently I'm....

Currently I'm:

  • Listening to the Frozen Soundtrack way too much. Forgive me,I am new to this trend. 

        For those of you that are sick of Frozen here ya go ;P

  • Procrastinating math homework. When your computer takes you to your blog. BLOG! 
  • Loving the #1800minute Challenge
  • Eating too much salsa. 
  • Driving with the windows down. 
  • Playing Frozen Free Fall and Minion Rush way to much. 
Google Search
  • Starving( I don't know what it is about losing weight that has been making me so hungry.)
  • Breaking out the pink lipstick. There is something about a pink lipstick and the sunshine that makes the days go so nice. 
  • Loving seeing my dad twice a week instead of once a week. (Dad if you're reading this,lets make this a normal thing.)
  • Studying like CRAZY!!
What are you currently doing far too much of? 

Inspired by Erin at Living In Yellow  I decided to make my own current list.


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