Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Today I was reminded

After a long weekend of agony and a start of a week from ( well, you know the place). Finals week and added stress do not mix people they do not mix. We all know the feeling when we get stuck in a rut where we feel as if we are the only ones having problems. You know what I mean?  Well today I was reminded and hit a reality check that I am not the only one. Who would have thought? Being stuck in my own situation I didn't look past to others feelings as well as my own. 

There are others that have struggles far beyond my own. I was reminded of the faith that I need to have in God in order to stand strong. The #mondaypeptalk was a real thing for me today. As I searched this hashtag on Instagram piles of inspiration and reminders came in that helped me remember to breathe take a relax and nothing is to hard to overcome in the end. 

I was also reminded of this quote that I found on Pinterest and it didn't make sense until now. And its a great reminded to do my best because that is all that I have.

A simple reminder.
This is my ultimate reminder. 
Louisa May Alcott "Little Women" Not Afraid of Storms Quote, Hand-Lettered Print

I am in the midst of learning how to survive and with a lot of faith, help,and support I can overcome my trials. 


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