Friday, May 16, 2014

High 5 for FRIDAY!!

That day of the week has come again and it sure feels good. There are quite a few things that are on my weekend to do list that I can't wait to dive in to, but let's recap the week.

1. My computer battery is on the fritz somehow. ( Someone send the IT man). However in the mean time my dad is pretty nice for letting me use this old smartphone to watch all my YouTube vlogs.
My little frog comes in handy as a stand. Hi Ingrid!! 
2. Sushi and Hummus. Well, not together of course. Such a yummy lunch.
Will ya look at that :) 
3. It came!! As you may already know my dad is awesome and he ordered me Orange is the New Black. Can't wait to get some summer reading in.

4. 2 for one. Steak and salad bar. Salad for dinnner, steak for lunch the next day :)

5. Last week with finals I became a slacker with the Zumba. It felt so good to get back to it this week. 

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