Friday, May 23, 2014

High 5 for FRIDAY!

This week went by too fast. I blame it on the hot sun and all the time I spent outside. My top five for the week are: 

1- I spent some good quality park at the Playground with a friend and a little wee one.
Babies first phone selfie :) Just kidding. 

2-  My computer battery is fixed!! Thanks again Robert.
3-  This butterfly looking insect landed on my car and I just think it is too beautiful not to share. I think I observed it for about 5 minutes. 
What kind of bug is this? 

4-  I think it is a success that my dad and I actually cooked on our Thursday dinner night. (Papa I am proud that I made you dinner that you are cooking outside of frozen dinners. 

5- 3 day weekend coming up!! Hello more time to be productive Netfix and sleep :). 

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