Monday, July 14, 2014

A Good Few Days - AKA The Weekend

It's not always that I do a weekend recap, but this weekend called for one. It definitely was a good few days minus the massive sunburn and the fact that I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. 

After a long day of work on Friday the night was spent having dinner with my best friend and looking at the Super Moon (sadly not through the telescope,sorry friend.) It was a pretty good summer Friday night nonetheless. 

On Saturday I went to a BBQ in the canyons with some friends. It was a blast. Thanks again House family for inviting me. 
Look at that view.

Oh yeah and later that night I trained to be a ninja. 
 The game is called Knife Throwing with Ninja knives. To be honest I am shocked that I actually got a target in.

Belle is a little shocked to. But you can't deny how adorable this tiny one is. 
To finish up the weekend I went swimming with my family. It was a blast. 
My Aunt Christie and I. 

What did you do this weekend? Did you have as much fun as I did? 


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