Thursday, July 17, 2014

TBT (Throw Back Tunes)

It's kind of amazing when you are just listening to music and and old jam comes on the words come back to you and you're feelin' good. Today we're taking Throw Back Thursday to a whole new level, tune style. 

Sit back and jam out to my top 5 favorite old school tunes. 

1- Hilary Duff's Why Not is still a jam that I love because Why not? 

2- Well we all know that as a young teenage girl I loved me some Britney, in fact I still do. 
3- Spice up your life with some Spice Girls 

Not to forget hip boy bands that I adored. 
4- Backstreet Boys. Need I say more? 

5- With the temperatures rising I could not forget 98 degrees. Yes I still have this song on my ipod. 

Are you ready to get your groove on now? What is your favorite TBT?


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