Friday, August 8, 2014

That Day Again. T.G.I.F.

Here today for another High Five For Friday. Man, these last few weeks of summer are flying by. As sad as that is I am getting excited for fall. Anyway before I chat you're ear off, here are my top 5 for the week.

1- I know we are looking at a month away, but my dad has decided to take me to a favorite musical of mine.

2- Hanging out with my Best Friend even when he shows me up at doing push ups. Oh and Skype dates are a blast too. 
Don't kill me for posting this friend. 
3-  Capturing the summer as the roses are in full bloom. 

4- Quiet Mornings at my desk with coffee. 

Need I say more? Harry Potter Love.

5- Looking forward to my family reunion tonight and tomorrow. 

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