Monday, December 1, 2014

The # 1 Way To Waste Time

Got a little time on your hands,eh?
Let's just say that before bed I always do. There is something weird happening if I go to bed and do not check Pinterest  or Instagram. Katie of He Calls Me Grace  inspired me to share my favorite Instagrammers and Pinners.


What do you need? A pep talk? Some encouragement? A little bit of Taylor Swift and pink love?

CarrieGraceShop  gives all of that.

Want to laugh and smile at the cutest little girl and family? Katie Vale will give that to you.

Natalie knows how to do some hardcore lipsync. And her kids are pretty cute too.

The Mindy Project This is the only TV show that I follow on social media because it is HILARIOUS! 

Ashley Brooke- Girl knows how to take some excellent photos. 

The robot has the cutest kids and girl is crafty Kacia/ Coconut Robot 

Hair!! Makeup! Plus more.Kate Bryan

The Lauren Elizabeth - Favorite because of her blog. Read it and Love it! 

Oh that Essie Button . Canada pictures,tea, Reggie (her dog),and London. Such lovely photos to follow. 

My list could go on and on.


Dorothy W. 9740 Pins • 13273 Followers
College Prepster 7814 Pins • 37994 Followers
Jenny Bevlin 1797 Pins • 3542 Followers
Emily {small stuff counts blog} 1613 Pins • 174 Followers
eos Products 426 Pins • 9187 Followers
The Freckled Fox 7193 Pins • 16357 Followers
MoreLoveLetters 1496 Pins • 2839 Followers
Kate Bryan 2232 Pins • 121698 Followers
Lauren Elizabeth 2047 Pins • 11063 Followers
Essie 940 Pins • 41886 Followers

I seriously love all those Pinners and more. Check them out for new ideas and tips. 


  1. I recently got into The Mindy Project as well. Love it ! :D

    1. It is such a funny show! I hope you are looking forward to the new season!!