Friday, January 9, 2015

Hello Friday & Love the High 5

Well, I must say the last week of Winter Break has been AMAZING!!! Here are my top 5 for the week.

1.  Shrimp for lunch. Seriously the best lunch. 

2. "Working at the car wash." Just Kidding, I don't work at the car wash, but I went to one this week for the first time in my very own car. It was so awesome! My old junky car would have lost its headlight in a car wash so I never went. 

3. Shopping with my two best friends was a blast! Once on Monday and once on Thursday. 

That Cup is all me!! That poster is super special, because it reminds me of my Best Friend Robert. 

4. I splurged and got Starbucks this week. This is weird seeing as I am a Beans&Brews kind of gal, but the coffee was delish. 

5. I finished school supply shopping!! 

How was your week? 


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