Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Remember When

So, it only took my a good month in a half to finally write the post about the burgundy (I call them red) Pants. I had very insane thoughts about if I should share about this or not. I figure, might as well an accomplishment has happened! Remember When I posted these pants as a goal to fit in like a year ago, well... in case you forgot..

Here is the photo from that post. 

I remember the day I took this photo I could barely get the pants past my hips and that was a harsh sad moment. 

Bam! They Fit! 
By the time I actually re dedicated myself to fitting in these pants again I needed about 3.5 sizes to go down not the 2 that was originally on the schedule for my fitness plan. I gave up, and that was super sad,however now they fit and are actually kind of big on me and that feels great. Looking at this photo of myself just makes me mad that it took me a LOOONNGG time to get here. 

Better late then never, right? ;)


What has made you proud of yourself lately? 


  1. Looks great!

    My kiddos are making me proud. It's been a good week!


    1. Thank you Nikki. That is great! Kid's have a way of making anyone proud!

  2. Way to go!!! Such an awesome accomplishment!!

  3. Go You!!! My sweet little daughter makes me proud watching her learn and grow.

  4. Thanks Kate. Aren't kids the best to watch and grow,too bad they grow too fast. :/

  5. Congrats - great accomplishment xoxo

    My 18 yr old son made me proud this week - he started his first job

  6. Thank you! That is so cool Susan. Best wishes with his job!