Monday, June 1, 2015

Have An Attitude of Gratitude

I noticed that I only share things I am grateful for in the month of November. When Marissa of Ambersand Creative shared How to start a gratitude practice I was kind of hooked because I feel like I am a grateful person,but I don't think about it enough or talk about it enough.

Melissa teaches that having a gratitude practice is all about reflecting on what makes you feel grateful and happy. She shared this (which I recommend to read because its about gratitude making you happy)

Anyway.. I am up for the challenge of not only reflecting on my own gratitude by journaling what I am grateful for. I also want to make others happy and reflect on my own happiness. How? I am going to  leave  love letters around for strangers to find.  


P.S. More Love Letters has been one of my favorite sites for years now. Go check it out if you want to send Love. 

This was my first Love letter.


  1. Great idea about writing letters to strangers.

    1. It's so fun! I recommend trying it.