Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Nelle from Simply Love  and Katie from Miss Dixie shared Four things about things in order to get to know eachother more and I am choosing it to reflect on what I like. Let's get in to my list, because listers gotta list!

Four Nicknames
1.Phillis Hillis. My aunt has been calling me this since I was a baby. 

2.Lil Freak, because I am a little weird at times all the time.

3. Chester. My dad used to call me this and I have no idea why,but I like it..

4. The Teacher. It has been a joke in my family for years I would run around saying "I AM THE TEACHER." (side note, in a year or so i will be able to run around and say that for real.) 

Four Jobs
I have only had 2 real jobs in my life. A preschool and the secretary work that I do now. 

Four movies I have watched more than once
  1. Frozen! I am so so obsessed with this show and I am not going to "let it go"

Even my friends know how much I like Frozen.

2. Fried Green Tomatoes. 
3. Pitch perfect
4. The Other Women. 

Four books
I'm not a big reader,but I have read a few.
  1. Harry Potter
  2. Orange Is the New Black 
  3. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me
  4. The Vampire Diaries 

Four things in my purse

1. A gagillion lip products. 
2. Wallet
3. Notepad 
4.Tooth brush 

Four cars I have driven
1. Mom's Ford Escape.
2. Y002FY (My old Acura.)
3. The Bad Boy (My subaru)
4. A Nisan Versa. As of yesterday, those rental cars though. 

Four places to visit

1. Paris
2. London
3.New York
4. Hawaii

Four favorite Foods

1. Cheese 
2. Pineapple 
3. Salad
4. Peppers 

Four TV Shows
1. General Hospital 
2. Dance Moms 
3.Pretty Little Liars 
4. Gossip Girl 

Four places to shop
1. Target 
2. Walmart 
3. Dollar Tree
4. Payless 

Four things in 2015 to look forward to
1. This summer!!
2. The Zoo
3. Staying healthy
4. Lake time


  1. Great list It is a unique way to introduce yourself to readers! I like it. Also, I see you are on blogger. Me too! I'm always so glad to see other blogger bloggers!

    1. Thank you! I love blogger, I think it is probably the easiest platform to use!