Wednesday, July 1, 2015

#RandomLoveLetter June

When  Sara Shotts( Instagram  Blog ) posted about a random love letter challenge I was all in. If you know me, you should know that handwritten letters are my jam despite how bad my handwriting can get. I had a blast this month leaving these notes around town, and might do it on my own next month. 

Here are the notes I left

I left this one on a table at a place that I have meetings at. 
Update, two weeks later it is still on that same table to be read. 

I left this note on the stairs that lead up to the dentist office. 

I think that this note definitely applied to a XL candy bar. 

I left this note on a folder at the Dollar Tree.

This note was left in on a random page in a random book. 

I feel that this note is definitely applicable to someone about to take a test. 

I left this at the doctors on a magazine. 

This was left on a clipboard at the coffee shop drive through. 

This was suitable to sit among the candles. 

I invited my friend Alex to do it and she delivered. 

Here are her notes and where she left them. Thanks Alex for joining me. 

For more #RandomeLoveLetters click here

I encourage you to leave a random letter if you want :) 


  1. I love this idea Amber! I'm going to do it in July! Super fun and a great encouragement for so many people!

    1. Miss Paula, oh you so should. You can check out the More Love letters website and Sara's link above for ideas. I would love to see them if you do. :)

  2. Oh I love this!!! This would be fun to do with my kids!

    1. Oh I am sure the kiddos would love it. I love when kids draw and write!

  3. This is pretty cool. I like it :)

  4. This is awesome! I love thinking about all the smiles you helped spread with your notes.