Friday, November 18, 2016

Photo A Day (Week 6)

Hey Internet Pals,
                            Since it has been a while since I have posted I thought I would share a quick step into my week. These posts are one of my favorites to write and share, and I hope you enjoy them too. Let's get into it!!


I spent some time making my planner look nice for the week and I feel pretty good about it. 


This little Lady Bug Landed on my shoe and stayed for quite a while. I know that it really isn't a big deal,but I enjoyed that moment.


I love keeping my Tuesday nights free to enjoy Dance Moms. The Season Finale is getting intense! 
Plus I got to visit my BFF this day and it was nice to be able to see him twice a week instead of once a week. 


We had out first snowfall. I don't really love snow when I have to drive or walk in it, however I do like admiring it from out the Window. 


I taught this song to one of the kids I work with and I wish I took a video of how loud he was singing it down the hall at school today. It was absolutely wonderful. 

Image result for chicka chicka boom boom


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