Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer Is Over...

It's always bittersweet when summer ends and school is back in session. Up in the morning and off to school time, but before I go to school I thought I would go through that bucket list and see how much of it I accomplished this summer. Welcome to the adult life when a lot of summer vacation is working, and studying for tests. #Praxis2Boo 

Summer Bucket List:

Go Hiking Often 

Sadly I only went on one hike this summer, but it was lovely. I hope to go on a couple more this fall 

    Get Back into bike riding 

    Yeah this didn't happen,maybe next year ;)

    I went once and it was a blast I want to go at least one more time before September hits. 

    Go to the lake 
    The Lake was my Jam this summer 

    Go to the zoo

    Do at least 3 DIY's.
    Summer in a photo. 

    I did a few things (mainly painting). 

    Pinewood Derby Cars! Mine is the Paris one! #Doesa7yearoldpaintbetterthanme? 

    Go on picnics
    I went on two with my dad.

    Movie Dates 
    I went and saw Pitch Perfect 2 and Inside Out and they were both great! 

    Though I didn't Complete everything on my list I am happy about how summer turned out. Hello and Goodbye Lake hope to see you soon! 


    P.S. What was your favorite thing this summer, did you complete your bucket list? 


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