Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Forgive & Let Go (Q4YT)

Hey Friends, 

                   Happy Tuesday, Happy Quote day. A little bit ago I had a falling out with a co worker over something really simple that a "I'm sorry" should have fixed, however that was not the case. I spent my sunday googling tips and tricks on how to work with someone that doesn't like you. The tips were great and all,but I didn't find them all that applicable and I was extremely sad that I had to go to work. On my drive this morning, I had to give myself a Pep Talk (as I do with a lot of things) and something popped into my head. I had made like Elsa and let it go,but I was still holding onto it and it was probably hurting me more than the coworker I had the issue with. 

The quote below popped into my head and I felt a sense of peace and calmness that I wouldn't have felt if I just stuck with letting go. 

Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. -Buddha.:
The Pin
The biggest lesson I learned from this was to let it go and forget about it because I don't want to poison myself with anger over something that has no effect over me today. 

I hope that next time you are angry you can remember this quote and feel a sense of peace and calmness as well. 



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