Monday, June 20, 2016

I Heart Summer! (Tag 2016)

Hey friends, today officially marks the first day of summer and I thought I would do a Summer Q&A Tag for fun and to allow you to get to know me better. The Tag questions found here  at the Mama's Losin' It Blog. 

1. Your dream summer vacation.
My dream summer vacation would be to Hawaii. I have never gone, but my family has and the pictures they have sent me are gorgeous. One day I will go and explore the Sea Turtles. 

2. Favorite summer drink.
Iced tea, lemonade, or iced tea mixed with lemonade. Go Starbucks for getting me hooked on the tea lemonade combo.
3. S’mores or ice cream?
I want to say both,but I also want to say neither because frozen yogurt tops all summer treats. I love going into the frozen yogurt shop and making my own mix. Who else is with me?
4. Pool or Beach?
I want to say Beach,but I live in Utah and the closest thing we have to the beach is the Great Salt Lake which I love, but the water is not for swimming. 
The lake photographs well, but don't let the nature of the camera fool you. There are brine shrimp in the sand, I promise. Oh, and it's kind of smelly. 
5. Would you rather spend a summer day outside in the pool or inside watching Netflix?
How about Netflix outside? I have never tried it, but it would be nice to grab a blanket and and the ipad,lay in the grass,and enjoy the sun and a show. #tryingitthissummer
6. Your most fun summer memory?
Every summer as a kid I would go to a summer camp and we would go on field trips everyday which I loved. I also loved the annual Bear Lake trip my family used to take every year. 
7. Favorite summer nail polish?
In the summer, well mostly all year I go with bright colors. My favorite polish is OPI Pink Flamenco

8. Sunglasses or hats?
Sunglasses for sure!
9. Favorite summer scent?
Anything tropical! Most likely Pina Colada. #Yum
10. Favorite BBQ food?
Pasta Salads hands down!
11. Bikinis, tankinis, or one pieces?
I like tankinis that cover the whole belly. Much easier to manage. 
12. Summertime Book recommendations
Not sure on this one I am not really a reader for fun. 


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